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Evaluation of your condition, dysfunction or difficulty and treatment consisting of one or more of the following:
​  Balance/Coordination Training & Fall Prevention
  Core stabilization
  Craniosacral Therapy
  Evaluation and fitting for Posture Control Insoles
  Exercise Gym - complete with treadmill, stationary bike for                                 arms & legs, universal pulley system, mini                                 trampoline, balance boards, BAPS board,                                 gymballs, medicine balls, free weight's,                                       ankle weights, stretch bands & more...    
  Joint Mobilization
  Kinesio Taping
  Modalities - including use of ice, heat, ultrasound,
                      electric stimulation, biofeedback, etc.
  Myofascial Release
  Neuromuscular Integration Technique(NST/Bowen)
  Patient Education - Posture, Body Mechanics & Movement                                       Patterns
  Stretching and Strengthening exercises
  Trigger Point Release
  Vestibular Rehabilitation
  Work Injury Rehabilitation
  Massage Therapy -
              60 Minute -  $80.00
              90 Minute -  $120.00
  Reiki - 
              30 Minutes - $30.00
              60 Minutes - $60.00

 We take pride in delivering friendly, individual attention &         personal care in a positive, supportive atmosphere, efficiently   & effectively. We offer quality one on one treatment using a     uniquie combination of positive motivation, personal attention   and hands on techniques.  
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